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Please call for details, cost and scheduling

( 973) 945 6083


14th  -Crystal Grid Class with Rita - 6 pm - 8 pm.  (Learn how to create your own crystal grid. Crystals and Grids                     included)

15th  -Reiki Healings with Mallory  -  11 am - 5 pm  $85

21st  - Psychic Medium  Readings with Star  -  11 am - 5 pm  $80 half hour    $150 hour

22nd -Reiki Healings with Mallory - 11 am - 4 pm  $85

             Energetic Self Care with Vanessa Hernandez  -  6 pm - 8 pm  $66

                    Do you ever feel like you’re carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders, or feel the emotions of your

                    friends, family, and the collective during these intense times on our planet? That’s probably because                                  energetically you are! How can you help release the energy that is not yours, strengthen your own energetic                      field, and protect yourself from sucking in everyone else’s stuff? Easy...come chat with Shamanic Energy                          Healer Vanessa Hernandez and find out! Learn why and how we are affected by everyone on the planet, as                      well as different ways to care for your personal energy. You will be led through a guided meditation                                    practicing the tools we learn in class, receive a reiki energy healing, and receive a crystal to take home with                      you. Snacks will be provided! Space is limited! 

23rd  - Reiki Healings with Mallory 11 am - 4 pm  $85

28th  - Rune Readings with Arielle  -  Details to follow

29th  - Sacred Womb Healing with Wanda Conboy  3 pm - 6 pm  $66 Prepayment Required

30th  - Psychic Medium Readings with Star - 11 am - 4 pm  $80 half hour - $150 hour


12th  - Plant Walk with Heather Housekeeper  -  4 pm - 6 pm  $TBA

13th  - Pendulum Magic Class with Rita  6 pm - 8 pm  $TBA

14th  - Psychic Medium Readings with Star  11 am - 4 pm  $80 half hour - $150 hour

20th  - Channeling Circle with Wanda Conboy   3 pm - 6 pm  $55

25th  - 2 part Manifesting Workshop with Vanessa Hernandez - Part 1    6 pm - 8 pm  $125

Day 1:

                     Have you ever wondered how manifestation actually works? What new experience are you looking to attract into your                         life? Join Shamanic Energy Healer Vanessa Hernandez and learn all about the art of manifesting. Bring your dreams to                       the table and let’s work together on creating the next steps to your heart’s desires. Learn to work WITH the energy of                         the Universe to support you in creating your highest vibrational life!


26th  - Manifesting workshop  Part 2  6 pm - 7:30 pm

Day 2: 

                     YOU are the center of your own Universe. The MAIN character in your story. The STAR of your own movie of this                            thing called Life. How are you creating your current reality? Learn simple ways to take your power back and work                                  hand in hand with both your personal energy and the Universe. Learn to set yourself up for a life of connection,                                      success and flow. The present moment is in your hands. All we have is now. How are you going to work with it? The                            choice is yours.

                      Snacks and Crystal provided! Space is limited!


Exciting events are coming soon this month including:

Spiritual Group which will meet once a month with Lexee

New healers and readers and astrologist

Many new events - Stay tuned as we add more to help you heal. . . . 

AND  don't forget to book a session in our Salt Room. 


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